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Joy L. Wigfall

I read the Kafka and the Houston Police articles.
The ugliest dog died and his website received millions of hits.
I am reeling from the news that my jewelry was stolen from the Pawn shop that I have used for years when my budget was tight.
During the time before being evacuated, I was afraid to be open with the food and water I had for my family. Citizens burned down the Pawn shop and blow torched the safe.

They didn't hurt the business nearly as much as they hurt me.
There is no replacement for those pieces.

Katrina exposed the evil of all levels of the population of New Orleans.
Most of my life has been shaped by Intraracism. Black people have been my major enemies.

Once again I say,"Don't blame President Bush."

"Dutch" Morial, Marc Morial, and Ray Nagin have been Mayors of New Orleans. All 3 are Black. Dutch is dead. All of the 3 have failed the citizens of New Orleans. The criminal undertow has been the norm.
Lord save us from ourselves.

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