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Jerry Alexander

Casting "lots" is a sorry,sorry way to try and secure your future.
Casino's deprive the poor of their hard earned money with the promise of fortune. Playing on our greed and often our NEED. Ever think there were times when sending in the calvery wasn't such a good idea?
Some see casinos and lotto as their only means of escape from poverty.
The truth is, if you want to be rich, do what the rich do, watch them and learn.
There is a guy name Dave Ramsey,(daveramesy.com) and he teaches how to save money and build wealth. I am currently taking his instruction and am sure my future is brighter than ever before. When I can finance a class for everyone of my friends and loved ones, I will.
By the way, Sacramento existed before the Kings, and will be there after they leave. While basketball, football and baseball are all fun to PLAY, they are still ONLY GAMES. Yes, GAMES!!!
We were all given 24 hours in a day. It's so sad that so many people waste so much time watching GAMES instead of taking care of business. Not to mention how much money is wasted on GAMES.
Priorities people, priorities.
And we wonder why there is so much poverty in America. DAH!!!
Chunk, It was sad to hear that an American hero died yesterday, Rosa will be missed I'm sure.
She reminded me of "Muddy".
Had that kind of spirit. Strong, loving, stand alone kind of person. I miss Muddy often. Thanks for sharing her with me all those years ago.
Your friend for life,

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