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In 1975 I wrote:

“In the race of life
We must sometimes
Take the Opportunity to
Make Ourselves Free..


“... the Future is now
and the
Promise is a Reality..”

for two spots that I directed for the Houston Police Department's incredibly successful recruitment campaign that brought more women and minorities onto the force.

I've been chasing those two thoughts all of my life and the Internet has become one of the major tools to make those thoughts work for me, in particular, and for creative people, in general.

I became a Television Producer/Director in 1970 at KDKA-TV ('Group W). Sometimes I directed the Marie Torrie Show and I regularly directed the Noon News with Bill Burns with an audience of over 2 million viewers. A public affairs show that I produced and directed actually out rated Wide World of Sports at times. Jerry Lee, a camera man on the first commercial TV broadcast in the U. S. taught me the fundamentals of directing and Boo Boo, the technical director and the rest of the studio crew – many of whom had worked in live television taught me the finer points. Many of them had been in television longer than I had been alive. I realized that I was in love with the power and potential of mass communications.

Because of what some might call my Pathologically Independent nature I left the television corporate world and worked freelance wherever the spirit took me, places like the Mississippi Delta and then to the West Coast in California.

The first project that I did in California was for Sacramento County - an Assessment of the Use of Alcoholism Treatment facilities. That started nine years of Alcoholism Prevention and Treatment work. First as Executive Director of Social Communications and Management doing alcoholism prevention using various print, outdoor and broadcast media. Then, rescuing a treatment unit that was having problems and feared for it's Federal Grant - As it's Executive Director I saw that program go from barely surviving to becoming one of the premier outpatient treatment programs in Sacramento - it is still going strong. My work in alcoholism was very satisfying personally and it was a real eye opener - until I did this work, I had no idea how devastating alcohol problems, alcoholism and drug addiction/dependency were in our communities.

I finally finished my "Alcoholism Prevention and Treatment period" and went back to media and advertising.

Around the end of 1997 I resigned my last Advertising Account – Jimboy's Tacos, in Northern California after handling their account as Creative Director/Writer/Producer/Media Buyer for 8 years to work on my own creative projects.

The Stage Play, “SAVAGES,” was written after that while I lived on the Navajo Reservation (Nation).

There's never been a better time for Independent Artists – Writers – Music and Film Producers and anyone else who wants to create what they want to create.

The Internet, along with computer and other electronic advances has broken the production, promotion and distribution monopolies that Major labels, studios and networks used to hold over us.

Today work can be produced/created and taken directly to the world through the Internet. Anyone can let everyone know about what they've produced and the people can decide for themselves what they will support.

I'm doing all I can to be a part of that and help others to be a part of it too.

My Life Goals Universal can be read here.

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